Wrought Iron Extra Tall 1.5m Shepherd Hooks x 2


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Wrought Iron Extra Tall 1.5m Shepherd Hooks

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Wrought Iron Extra Tall 1.5m Shepherd Hooks x 2


Wrought Iron Design, Fabrication & Sale

Not only are we an Australian seller, but we make it entirely in Australia 

                  2 x Black or White, Wrought Iron Garden Wedding Party  or Gift                            

Heavy Duty Shepherd Hooks Hand Made in Australia. Available in Black or White and in larger quantities we can do other colors.

Just Email for any inquiry we are happy to communicate.

These hooks have a classy look and are more heavy duty, the wire varieties tend to wobble considerably causing candles to go out, and flower arrangements often disrupted by the springy movements that comes with thin wire, this heavy duty design will keep sure and sturdy.

What you get is 2 x 1.5 meter shepherd hook that has 3 components each, the stand is in 2 halves that makes for easy transportation and packing away, simply 2 bits slips together to make the shepherd hook, the 3rd component is an extra foot, that can be crossed over the top of the original foot, giving more earth hold.

[ you may not want to attach the extra foot but if you decide to hang heavier items you have it for the extra earth hold ].

The 1.5 meter shepherd hook has been constructed with thicker steel allowing a heavier load to be hung than our smaller varieties

These are great for

  • Flower arrangement baskets, and or
  • Lanterns,
  • try Fairy lights wrapped in tulle fabric causing a brilliant soft effect
  • or even just Fabric draping through the large loop scroll, made for multi items large and small.
  • Customers have also used this in garden pots to illuminate balconies in units/apartments.
  • Great for solar lights to light up your pathways.

It can be used any were!

This wrought iron product is painted with enamel designed to guard the iron, if purchasing larger quantities we can do different colors.

Being handmade measurements may vary slightly.

Free Delivery only to east Coast of Main land Australia and Adelaide  with tracking number so you can see every step of the way.