What Size Should My Fireplace Grate Be?

Fireplaces come in different sizes and that’s why it’s important to measure your fireplace before you buy a new grate for it. The grate needs to fit in the fireplace perfectly – not too big, and not too small.

If the grate is too small than the fireplace, the space surrounding it on all sides will cause your logs to burn too rapidly and the extra space will interfere with the movement of smoke.

The suggestion is to leave a 76mm or 7.6cm allowance on all sides between the grate and the walls of the fireplace. The main reason for this precaution is to provide protection for the tile, brick, concrete, stone, or whatever material was used to construct fireplace and also will enable air to circulate properly.

1) Measure the front and back widths of the fireplace

2) Measure the depth of the fireplace

3) Subtract 152mm or 15.2cm from the dimensions 

4) Choose the grate most suitable for your fireplace

If we don’t have the size you need just contact us with your grate measurements and we will send you a same day quote.

If your fireplace is in need of repair, or is one that does not meet current local building codes and if your fireplace’s integrity is in question, it would be advantageous for your safety and well being to consult a professional mason or chimney sweep before proceeding with your purchase.