Handmade Wrought Iron Products.

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Not only are we an Australian seller, but we make it entirely in Australia and we take pride in making Wrought Iron Products.

Due to its malleability and toughness, wrought iron has been coveted for thousands of years. In ancient times, blacksmiths were considered to be as equally important as the local doctor, because as the doctor kept the people healthy, the blacksmith kept the town moving. To many people, the blacksmith’s ability to transform a seemingly coarse, hard material into something of breathtaking beauty was magical.

Today, the craft of manipulating raw steel by hand with hammer and anvil is a dying art. Now a days wrought iron is hammered and shaped from newer stronger forms of raw material like mild steel, the beauty and detail of this labor intensive craft can still be appreciated.

Ironwork became sophisticated and highly decorative.

This timeless tradition, lives on in a multitude of wrought iron products available here.

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